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Coming this summer to Saratoga Springs, UT


$1 a minute (minimum 10 minutes)


Our recreational oxygen bar is a quick way to receive a little boost in your day!

From athletes to professional singers, supplemental oxygen therapy is being used to help muscles recover more quickly, to increase stamina, to improve memory, & improve skin tone.

You can enjoy your oxygen plain, or add one of our essential oil blends & have

your own personal diffuser through your nasal cannula!

Our natural essential oil blends have different qualities - choose a scent

depending on how your day has been & what you need right now. 

Which one will you choose today?


Essesential Oils

Plant Therapy has created a special line to help balance the 7 major chakras of your natural energy system. Chakras are subtle energy centers that intersect with our mind, body, and spirit.

These chakras are located along our spine in ascending order from base to crown. When our chakras are in balance our natural energy flows smoothly creating a sense of overall wellbeing.

Use these essential oil synergies when you want to incorporate self-balancing rituals into your self-care routine.

These synergies were created with the intention to support balance in each of the individual chakras while providing a gently inviting and accessible experience

Higher Connection

Frankincense Carteri CO2, Orange Blood, Petitgrain, and Neroli.

Clear Intuition

Grapefruit Pink, Clary Sage, Sandalwood Australian, and Spruce

Loving Compassion

Grapefruit Pink, Rhododendron, Bergamot, and Rose Otto.

Grounded Foundation
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