Dena Walker, APRN is a Nurse Practitioner in the state of Utah and is licensed as a CNM and a QMP (Qualified Medical Provider). She received her masters degree in Nursing from  the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2001 and her undergraduate at Prairie View A&M school of nursing. She has been practicing in Utah since 2006. Early in her career as a registered nurse she became interested in home health and hospice, which is an area she returned to after working as a CNM for over 15 years where she specialized in women’s health and obstetrics.  She also went on to become a wound care provider, delivering wound care in skilled nursing facilities and homes in over 4 counties in Utah.

She is very passionate about helping people which is something she always knew she wanted to do. Being able to make a difference to another person’s life was her motivation to become a nurse in the first place.  She is a QMP and an advocate for medical marijuana use and helps people understand the medicine behind it and guides them and how to select products that will maximize their experience.

She has helped people come into this world and leave this world and everything in between. Her personal life experiences have instilled a great empathy in her towards others and you will know this when you meet her for the first time.


Dr. Lance Walker, DC  has been practicing as a Chiropractor in Utah since 2003. He knew he wanted to be a chiropractor since his junior year in high school after his own experience as an athlete where visiting multiple types of doctors, a chiropractor got him back in the game. He attended the University of Wyoming for his undergraduate and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2003. He enjoys chasing a little white ball around on the golf course, playing sports and spending time with his family.


Lance and Dena are married and believe in a holistic approach to healthcare.  Together have 6 children, one beautiful girl, 5 amazing boys, two wonderful daughter in laws and one very spoiled granddaughter. Family is everything to them. They enjoy family dinners, game nights and vacations together! Their biggest motivation for starting this business together (besides helping others) is to spend more quality time with their family.



Dr. Mignon Walker, MD is our incredible medical director. She is a proponent of holistic medicine.  She is a Standford School of Medicine graduate, and completed her Family Medicine Residency at USC. She is also a QMP and became interested in cannabis after her patients shared their success stories about how much cannabis helped them with pain, stress, seizures, insomnia, and many other chronic conditions. 


Maria Behrmann: Maria is one of those wonderful DIL’s  mentioned above. She is also the business and marketing manager. She is the oldest of 11 children and learned at a very young age to be a caretaker for 4 of her disabled siblings in order to help her mom, so she is very passionate about helping others. She is also married to an amazing guy and has the cutest daughter who is her world!

Dylan Behrmann is a pretty great guy, he is in charge of video editing and website management. He is passionate about his family, loves video gaming and hanging out with his mom (cause she’s super cool). His wife, Maria, feels like a daughter to me.

Morgan Carter, MA i is our head medical assistant. She received her medical assisting certification in 2019 and worked as a medical assistant at a pain clinic for a couple of months until she got asked to become a lab instructor for a medical assistant program. She's always loved helping people and have been interested in the healthcare field for as long as she can remember. In 2017 she was invited to attend a conference in Boston for future physicians and medical scientists and was awarded the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists Award of Excellence. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her friends and family and she is so excited to be a part of this team!